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About I'm Safer Now Security

Thank you for giving us a chance at ‘I’m Safer Now’ Security to be your source for Non-Lethal Self-Defense products. My name is CK Dillon and we started our business as Certified Identity Theft Risk Management Specialists in 2007.


People ask me why we added, then exclusively went with personal-protection products, and my answer is, “I have women in my life I care about. I cannot always be there to protect them, but our self-defense products can.”


As an Example

I was on a bike-ride not long ago when an acquaintance drove by and frantically flagged me down. He knew I was in the personal protection business and asked if I would take a minute to check out a product he was about to purchase. He was searching for a self-defense product for his niece, who had just gotten a new job and worked nights. A drawback to the new employment was she had to walk across a dark parking lot by herself, after her shift.

He wanted something simple she could carry for protection, that would be easy to activate, and could immediately alert others if she were in distress.


We Excel at Customer Service

Coming from a background of customer service, I agreed to assist even though it wasn’t my product he was buying. Her safety was more important than a sale. He whipped out his cell phone, connected to the competitor’s site and asked if I’d share my opinion on their personal alarm. I clicked on the link, read their article, which sounded credible and told him I agreed it would be a deterrent to anyone who might attack her.

He relaxed, thanked me, started to drive away, but suddenly stopped and said, “Since you were nice enough to help me, do you sell a comparable alarm?” I said, “I’m sure we do. When I get back to the office, I will see what I can come up with.”

Intrigued, I ran a Google search on their title, which brought up an article that was believable and heart-rending. Their story was about how their relative was attacked, while people stood, unaware, less than fifty feet away. The relative didn’t have any protection and suffered serious injuries.

What I found next was disheartening. There was a full Google-page of self-protection products being sold by different sellers, who used the exact same wording. Theirs wasn’t a personal story, as much as a sales and marketing advertisement. Don’t misunderstand, I, too, was a network marketer at one time, so I understood the ploy.


We Go the Extra Mile

Further research showed, our product, which had additional features, gave a superior level of support, at one-third the cost. I emailed my acquaintance with the facts and links to back up my research. Long-story-short, he became a valued customer.


In Conclusion

At ‘I’m Safer Now’ Security, it is our goal to render 100% customer satisfaction, every time, with every sale. We won’t be satisfied until you are totally happy with your purchase, and our service.

Thanks for giving us the opportunity to serve your needs.


CK Dillon

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